Meet the team

We are a small group of individuals with an aim to make a difference. Feel free to reach out to us.

Sapni G Krishna

Founding Editor

“Art. People. Nature. Law. A skeptic of technology with a strong belief in transparency and dialogue. I think paper soaps are the epitome of innovation.”

Varini G

Contributing Editor

“Mostly I hoard memes, binge watch shows & films and sometimes read. But deadlines and sticking to structures can give me two breakdowns per paragraph. I like my food spicy and cheesecake for dessert.”

Varsha Singh

Founding Editor

“Privacy nerd, moot-er and an obsessive planner. Coffee is my fuel and 2000s Bollywood pop is my jam.”

Lian C Joseph

Contributing Editor

“Full-time make up enthusiast, part-time law student and occasionally a baker. When the going gets tough, I cry a little but continue on nonetheless.”

Priyanshi Dixit

Founding Editor

“Literature, law, tech, digital markets, and strong opinions. I have a song and special bhel puri for every occasion.”

Sindhu A

Contributing Editor

“I’m a law student. I will argue with you till you accept defeat, unless you’re my mom. I’m an avid reader and I totally prefer books to movies.”

Shivangi Malhotra

Contributing Editor

“Shivangi is an absolute coffee connoiseur; her #1 tip for surviving law school is caffeine.

She loves reading about outer space and all things astronomy. In her spare time, you’ll find her arguing (in vain) with boomers about their political stance.”

Grisha Borges 

Contributing Editor

“From writing college theatre scripts, to playing basketball, mooting, debate, dancing and singing, reading about old Goan houses and caring for rescue pets, Grisha has a knack for everything under the sun. More than succeeding, it’s thought of trying something new that drives her. Tech law and cooking nurture her desire to constantly learn and grow as it happens to be the most buzzing area in the pandemic. You’ll find her sitting in a sunny spot in the library.”