Meet the team

Sapni G Krishna

Founding Editor

“Art. People. Nature. Law. A skeptic of technology with a strong belief in transparency and dialogue. I think paper soaps are the epitome of innovation.”

Varini G

Contributing Editor

“Mostly I hoard memes, binge watch shows & films and sometimes read. But deadlines and sticking to structures can give me two breakdowns per paragraph. I like my food spicy and cheesecake for dessert.”

Varsha Singh

Founding Editor

“Privacy nerd, moot-er and an obsessive planner. Coffee is my fuel and 2000s Bollywood pop is my jam.”

Lian C Joseph

Contributing Editor

“Full-time make up enthusiast, part-time law student and occasionally a baker. When the going gets tough, I cry a little but continue on nonetheless.”

Priyanshi Dixit

Founding Editor

“Literature, law, tech, digital markets, and strong opinions. I have a song and special bhel puri for every occasion.”

Sindhu A

Contributing Editor

“I’m a law student. I will argue with you till you accept defeat, unless you’re my mom. I’m an avid reader and I totally prefer books to movies.”


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