The ECtHR is one mosst of privacy friendly courts across the globe, that has contributed to progressive privacy jurisprudence. This article analyses its recent decision in Big Brother Watch v UK, and other related decisions to identify a shift from progressive interpretation of law towards procedural fetishism
Analysing the intersection of human rights and blockchain, the authors argue that widespread adoption of applications on the blockchain must necessarily address the concerns of violation of rights, particularly of vulnerable populations.
Social media has cultivated a global space for human rights-based learning, discussion, and sharing of experiences. In the past few months, it has also sparked cross-border activism and reform. Zara Baig explores the emancipatory potential of social media platforms.
The Article discusses the Internet speed situation in Kashmir and argues why it needs to be resolved, citing the rights related to intersection of information, health and internet during a global pandemic and otherwise. It further talks about how access to internet helps in tackling misinformation, especially during a global pandemic.