This article looks at fairness in algorithms used to determine the creditworthiness of a potential client and analyses why these sexist algorithms need to be re-looked at, especially considering that women are being left behind.
In this article, the author discusses the recent developments surrounding Facebook’s Oversight Board and looks at whether the institution of the board can actually solve some of the problems faced by the company.
This article covers the looming privacy corners with regards to the use of genetic genealogy in the criminal justice system. It also looks at the provisions of the The DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill, 2019 and its ability to regulate such matters.
This article seeks to explore the challenges faced by TikTok primarily in the domain of content moderation and analyses the attempts made by the platform in this regard. The need for a comprehensive regulatory framework greatly reflects the growing need to address the complexities posed by such challenges.
The Sprinklr controversy has unearthed certain fundamental issues with the existing data protection mechanism and the effect of certain complexities imposed by the current pandemic. This article seeks to briefly examine a few of these issues and talks about the need to ensure compliance with established principles of data collection.
The Avia Law was recently adopted with the goal of establishing a regime that can successfully counter hate online. The article explores some of the provisions of the law and seeks to understand its broader impact on content moderation standards and its relationship with the EU E-Commerce Directives.