In this article Niharika from Rethinking Economics India and Lian from Robos of Tech Law and Policy look at the evolving nature of digital health in India and some of its most urgent concerns. The push for digitization of healthcare services stems from the belief that it would successfully tackle some of the issues currently plaguing the sector in India. This call, however, seems rather rushed given that we currently do not have a data protection law which would ensure that many foundational concerns such as the privacy of health data, etc are covered. It also questions whether this would solve or exacerbate infrastructural concerns.
E-commerce has made most of our lives simple and it has grown massively during the pandemic times. However, some questions on how Gender intersects with e-commerce, access to internet and conducting businesses online are some questions that need to be discussed more. In this article, Trisha from RE and Varini from r-TLP discuss how e-commerce, access to internet and gender intersect and possible policy initiatives that can be taken up by governments.
In this post, the author discusses hate speech on social media and its impacts on various human rights.