The Avia Law was recently adopted with the goal of establishing a regime that can successfully counter hate online. The article explores some of the provisions of the law and seeks to understand its broader impact on content moderation standards and its relationship with the EU E-Commerce Directives.
The article discusses various levels of automation in autonomous vehicles and analyses the shift in liability framework from drivers to manufacturers with the advent of these vehicles, while also discussing the most appropriate theory of liability applicable to them.
This article discussed the status of cryptocurrency trading in India with special reference to the Supreme Court's order concerning the issue.
This article highlights the data collection in AdTech industry and the privacy concerns around the same.
This article highlights the drawbacks of having a blanket provision concerning personal data of children in PDPB while keeping the age of consent similar to that of the Indian Contract Act. It further attempts to bring out possible solutions.
A detailed study of the representation of authors on online media publishing platforms was undertaken by the r-TLP team. It resulted a clear depiction of gender disparity in the authors who get published on the subjects of socio-legal technology policy.