This Articles tries to dissect a new fake nude apps in the market, and tries to talk about the gender and eurocentric beauty standards it perpetuates.
Section 215 of the Patriot Act ignites important conversations surrounding systematic surveillance. This article draws parallels between Edward Snowden's expose and Radia tapes, and traces systematic surveillance in India
The article attempts to shed a positive light on the work done by hacktivists and advocates for their legitimacy to promote a culture of transparency and accountability.
This article analyses the controversy around the National Emergency Library and the Open Library initiatives of the Internet Archive, arguing for the case of improved access to knowledge through liberal interpretation of Copyright laws for digital lending.
This article attempts to analyse the effect of the executive order on section 230 on content moderation and the possible result of a similar stricter intermediary liability in India.
This article seeks to explore the challenges faced by TikTok primarily in the domain of content moderation and analyses the attempts made by the platform in this regard. The need for a comprehensive regulatory framework greatly reflects the growing need to address the complexities posed by such challenges.
This article gives an overview of Digital Taxation regime in India and speculates possible agendas in relation to its geopolitical concerns with regard to the necessary global consensus on a digital tax.
The Bharat Bill Payment System generates and collects large scales of identifiable information. This article discusses the privacy concerns surrounding this platform.
The article discusses the potential of Deepfakes to spread misinformation in a digital age and calls for legislative action to combat it.
The Sprinklr controversy has unearthed certain fundamental issues with the existing data protection mechanism and the effect of certain complexities imposed by the current pandemic. This article seeks to briefly examine a few of these issues and talks about the need to ensure compliance with established principles of data collection.